Arizona Hiking

Welcome to the Grand Canyon State

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State that has cacti-filled Sonoran Desert landscape offers different trails to the avid hikers. Hiking in the desert has its own beauty as well as dangers lurking in the grooves. The summer is pretty harsh here so the hikers would prefer hiking the upcountry during the hot season. A few precautions taken by the hikers will help them stay safe. Never never under estimate the power of nature! Stay safe while hiking!

Stay hydrated.
Pack a snack or two.
Carry your first-aid kit.
Inform your family member & share your location.
If possible hike with another person
Stay on the trail.
Yield to the hikers going up.
Pack out what you pack in.
Keep your pet on leash. Not that everyone share your love for pets.

A list of a few Arizona hikes we have done over the past few years is given below and some of them we have hiked many times that we lost count,  especially the ones near Scottsdale areas. 😃

Arizona Hiking Trails – Easy

Trail Name: Sears-Kay Ruin
(Tonto National Forest)
Location: Scottsdale
Distance: 1.6 (loop)
Elevation Gain: 364 ft
Point of Interest: Native American Ruins
Rating: Easy

Sears Kay Ruins
Amitabha Stupa

Trail Name: The Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park
Location: Sedona
Distance: 0.5 mile (loop)
Elevation Gain: 50 ft
Point of Interest: A large Buddha Statue and Stupa
Rating: Very Easy

Arizona Hiking Trails – Moderate

Aspen Beauty

Trail Name: Locket Meadow Inner Basin Loop
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Distance Covered: 8 miles (loop)
Elevation Gained: 1000 ft
Interesting Views: Most Popular for fall colors, Aspen Trees
Route Type: Loop
Rating: Moderate

Trail Name: Wave Cave
Location: Gold Canyon
Length: 3 mile
Elevation Gain: 869 ft
Interesting Views: Huge rock formation jutting out like a wave
Route Type: Out & back
Difficulty: Moderate

The Wave Cave

Arizona Hiking Trails – Hard

Flatiron Summit

Trail Name: Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail
Location: Apache Junction
Length: 5.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,641 ft
Summit: 5057 feet
Interesting Views: Huge rock formation jutting out like an iron table
Route Type: Out & back
Difficulty: Hard

Trail NameWeaver’s Needle and Fremont Saddle via Peralta Canyon Trail
Mountain: Superstition Wilderness
Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona
Miles: 7.7 miles (out and back)
Elevation Gain: 2588 feet
Rating: Hard

Arizona Hiking Trails – Easy

  1. Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park in Sedona 
  2. A’ Mountain on Hayden Butte in Tempe
  3. Apache Waterfalls Hike in Globe
  4. Arizona’s Joshua Tree Forest, Meadview
  5. Lower Salt River Trail in Mesa
  6. Grand Falls (aka) Chocolate Falls Hike in Flagstaff
  7. Fountain Lake Overlook Loop Trail in Fountain Hills
  8. Double Butte Loop Trail in Phoenix
  9. Horseshoe Bend Overlook Trail in Page
  10. Antelope Canyon (Upper and Lower) in Page
  11. The New Wave in Page
  12. Glen Canyon Dam Overlook, Page
  13. Chimney Rock Hike from Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park in Sedona
  14. Marcus Landslide Trail in Scottsdale
  15. Granite Mountain & Balanced Rock in Scottsdale
  16. Brown’s Ranch Trail in Scottsdale
  17. Levee Trail Hike, McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale 
  18. McDowell Mountain Ranch Javelina Trail in Scottsdale
  19. Dixie Mountain Loop (Horned Owl Nest ) in Phoenix
  20. Hole in the Rock in Phoenix
  21. Waterfall & Black Rock Loop Trail in Scottsdale
  22. Dragonfly Trail in Cave Creek
  23. Chasing The Poppies in Peridot
  24. Cone Mountain & Brown’s Ranch Mountain in Scottsdale
  25. Jane Rau Brown’s Canyon Trail in Scottsdale
  26. Lost Dog Trailhead to Taliesin West in Scottsdale
  27. Sears-Kay Ruin (Tonto National Forest) in Scottsdale
  28. Blue Wash Trail to Camp Creek Waterfall in Cave Creek
  29. Apache Wash Loop & Sidewinder Trail in Phoenix
  30. Sidewinder & Tower Road Hike in Phoenix

Arizona Hiking Trails – Moderate

  1. West Fork Trail in Sedona 
  2. Devil’s Bridge in Sedona 
  3. Wind Cave Trail near Mesa 
  4. Shaw Butte North Mountain Hike in Phoenix
  5. Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout at South Mountains in Mesa
  6. Sunrise Peak via Sunrise Trail in Scottsdale
  7. Lost Dog Wash Trailhead to Sunrise Peak in Scottsdale
  8. Bell Pass Trail in Scottsdale 
  9. Riding the Wave in the Arizona Desert in Phoenix
  10. Bartlett Lake Reservoir Hike in Scootsdale
  11. Gateway Saddle Loop Trail in Scottsdale 
  12. Pinnacle Peak Trail in Scottsdale
  13. Deem Hills Ridgeline Hike in Phoenix
  14. Tonto Natural Bridge Park in Tonto
  15. Lockett Meadow Inner Basin Trail in Flagstaff
  16. Broadway Cave in Superstition Wilderness in Phoenix
  17. Quartz Trail in Paradise Valley – Scottsdale
  18. Hieroglyphic Trail in Apache Junction
  19. Rainbow Valley to Toothhaker Trail in Estrella Mountain, Goodyear

Arizona Hiking Trails – Hard

  1. Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff – the highest natural point in the state 
  2. Agassiz Peak – Arizona’s second highest peak – Chair Lift Ride
  3. Flatiron Via Siphon Draw Trail, near Phoenix  – ^5057 feet 
  4. Thompson Peak Tower Hike in Fountain Hills – ^3,982 feet at the summit 
  5. Weavers Needle, Gold canyon
  6. Picket Post Trail, Superior, Arizona – ^4378 feet
  7. Elephant Mountain Trail Hike on Spur Cross Ranch, Cave Creek
  8. Gateway Long Loop Trail (10.9 miles) Scottsdale
  9. Bell Rock Hike (Climb), Sedona
  10. Tom’s Thumb Hike, Scottsdale
  11. Tom’s Thumb Trail to Lookout Trail, Scottsdale
  12. Tom’s Thumb Trailhead from Gateway Trailhead, Scottsdale
  13. Camelback Mountain – Hiking up through Echo Canyon Trail
    Part 1 & Part 2 – Hiking Down Cholla Trail, Phoenix
  14. Piestewa Peak – (Sunset Hike), Phoenix
  15. Dixie Peak / Two Bit Peak – Dixie Mountain Loop, Paradise Valley
  16. Black Mountain – Cave Creek
  17. Browns Peak via Brown’s Trail, Four Peaks Wilderness

Our Arizona Hiking Playlist:

Happy Hiking & Exploring! 😘