Asia 2019 – Singapore & Japan


Singapore, the only island-city-country in the world, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Though small, Singapore has plenty to offer to the tourists. Very friendly nation with its diverse population, you get to experience multi-cuisine in a day. Though we visited the island on our previous trips, we made this exclusively touristy this time. We landed in the morning at Changi and left the country in the late evening. The whole day was spent riding Singapore Cable cars, exploring beaches and enjoying the man-made wonders of Singapore. We went in July and the afternoons got pretty hot for us. Nevertheless, that didn’t deter us from exploring outdoors. 

Mount Faber is the second tallest hill about 94 metres (308 ft.) in height, and offers panoramic views of the city. You could find Love Bell of Happiness and love bells hanging from the viewpoint. We have seen love locks adorning over the bridges in Paris, France and Niagara Falls, Canada and we saw for the first time Love Bells.  Singapore Cable Car ride is amazing and you get the aerial views of the rainforests, sandy beaches and the water parks in the city. Memorable ride and kids would love this for sure. A short stretch on the hiking trails will let us walk under the canopy of tress in Imbiah Lookout and witness a short waterfall. 

Love Bell of Happiness ess

A trip to the sandy beach has got to be on your list. We visited Silosa Beach and zip line is an another experience you can enjoy while you are still there. It is the busiest beach in the evening with lots of restaurants and bars buzzing with lots of visitors. The Butterfly Gardens, The Imbiah lookout and Canopy walk, Sentosa Nature Discovery are a few options to explore if you have some free time.

Silosa Beach, Sentosa, Singapore

Supertree Grove in Gardens By the Bay is an amazing attraction and though we didn’t witness its light and sound display, the trip was worth it. Unique vertical gardens resembling towering trees, with large canopies & colorful lights at night is so amazing to watch and walk underneath.

To top it all, the tallest indoor waterfall in Jewel Changi Airport was brilliant to watch. We got lucky to witness  the light and sound show. The light and sound show is on each night every hour starting from 07:30pm and the last show is at 12:30am.

The airport itself has so much to offer to the tourists. Named “The World’s Best Airport” Changi Airport offers plenty of experiences for the visitors, from the tallest indoor waterfall to Singapore’s tallest ride to Butterfly and Sunflower Gardens.

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Japan is an island country located in East Asia. It is bordered by the Sea of Japan to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east, and spans from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Philippine Sea in the south. 

Our trip to Japan was focused pretty much in Tokyo and hiking Mount Fuji. We were is summer 2019, just when the hiking Mount Fuji opens to public. Though hiking Mount Fuji is open through our the year for the locals and experienced people, the tourists limit to the hiking season to trek the mountain.

Virtual Tour of Japan:

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