Hiking Trails – Lower Salt River Nature Trail

Salt River

Trail Name: Lower Salt River
Location: Near Fort McDowell, Arizona
Distance: 2.4 mi
Elevation Gain: 49 ft
Route Type: Loop
Rating: Easy

Beautiful Trail by the river

A beautiful day spent exploring the nature trail and looking for the wild horses. Though we didn’t see any horse on our hike, it was great being outdoors and enjoying the views our great desert offered us.

Towering Saguaros
Red Mountain

This trail walk is more relaxing and offers an opportunity to see the wild horses depending on the time of the day. It also offers breathtaking views and you can visibly notice the lush greenscape by the river and as you enter half way through the loop, you will start seeing cacti. That transition is hard to miss!

Our hike on the Lower salt River Nature Trail:

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Happy Hiking & Exploring! 😊