Takeaway Sculpture

By | October 24, 2021
Takeaway Sculpture by Tom Friedman

Sculpture Name: Takeaway
Artist: Tom Friedman
Location: Santa Monica Blvd & Rodeo Drive, California
Landmark: Beverly Hill Sign

The beautiful steel sculpture of a man balancing the ToGo containers on his head at Beverly Hills Park in California was unveiled in 2019. The 14 foot man balancing the boxes on his head is an unique representation of fast growing food delivery industries across the universe.

Takeaway Sculpture by Tom Friedman at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Rodeo Drive portrays a man running while balancing the take-out containers on his head. The rushing man may represent the society that is plunging forward with huge burdens on its head. We can take this sculpture on its surface level or dig for deeper meaning as the beauty of this sculpture will make you ponder over the reasons behind this creation.

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