Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

By | June 1, 2023

Landmark: Swinging Bridge over Hanapepe river
City: Kauai
State: Hawaii
Country: USA

One of the popular attractions in historic Hanapepe Town is it’s Swinging Bridge over Hanapepe river. It is a pedestrian only bridge and can have only about 15 people on it at the same time. The swinging bridge is a suspension bridge and can get rocky with the wind condition.

It is an interesting place to visit if you are in the town.

Currently the bridge takes you to the west side of the riverbank where Hanapepe Valley residents live. It is recommended out of respect for these residents that once you reach the other side, it will be good to turn back to Hanapepe.

Happy Traveling & Exploring! 😊

Please watch our video that coverhttps://youtu.be/u-HJMqBWXMYs our visit to this iconic bridge: