Buddha Park, Kathmandu, Nepal

By | June 28, 2021

Buddha Park featuring the biggest Buddha Statue in Nepal near Kathmandu is a sight to look at feeling mesmerized and enthralled. The golden statue of Buddha sitting tall in the middle measuring 67 feet from the ground with a bowl of nectar is a great work of art. The meditative pose of Buddha along with Shakyamuni Buddha on the left and Guru Rinpoche (aka Guru Padmasambhava) make a perfect trimurthis to look at feeling peaceful at hear and mind.

Mount Kailash with Prayers Wheels behind the Trimurthis

The artist who carved the statues is Kunsang from Bhutan. A short distance from the most famous Swayambunath Temple, Amideva Buddha Park was built in 2003. Please take time to explore around the park and you will get to spin the prayer wheels all around the park chanting “Om Mani Padme Hum” and see Mount Kailash and Lord Shiva with Nandi and the statue of Milarepa, (1052 AD – 1135 AD) one of the most famous Tibetan Masters, a great saint and a spiritual poet in a meditative pose inside a shrine.

Statue of Milarepa, a spiritual Tibetan Master

Watch our visit to this Trimurthis Temple: