Bell Rock Climb

Sedona, the Red Rock City with stone formations rising above the desert floor with the brilliant orange and red glow when illuminated by the rising or setting sun create a vivid, mesmerizing backdrop. The city offers  hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails.

Bell Rock

With an elevation at its summit of 4,919 feet (1,499 m), Bell Rock is a popular tourist attraction just north of the Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, south of Sedona. Geologically, Bell Rock is a butte, composed of horizontally bedded sedimentary rock. A butte has a top that is narrower than its height.

The Bell Rock trail is about 3/4th of a mile until you start the climbing part.  You start climbing towards the northern face of the Bell Rock. You can climb the rock as high as you feel is safe for you! This is a strenuous dangerous hike and definitely not for the faint hearted! Needless to say, the higher you go, the views of the Red Rock Country is  spectacular!

Please watch the Bell Rock Hike video here:

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