Barnhardt Trail #43

Mazatzal Wilderness

Barnhardt Trail is about 10 miles out & back hike near Payson, about 100 miles from Phoenix, Arizona! It is a hard hike with great red rock canyon views and if you are lucky you get to enjoy the gushing waterfalls. The heat may bear you down during summer. So just be careful and listen to your body. Whether you see the creek running or waterfall falling, the views of red rock canyon walls and the Mazatzal’s wilderness will definitely leave you amazed!

  • Hard Hike
  • Take plenty of water
  • Wear shoes with good grips
  • Ready to get disappointed if the creek and waterfalls run dry
  • Start early to bear down the heat
Canyon Gorge

The trail is considered to be one of the “expressways” to the Mazatzals. The Mazatzal Mountains (MAH-zaht-ZAL, locally Ma-tuh-ZEL) are a mountain range and the origin of the name probably derived from the Nahuatl language meaning “place of the deer”. The highest peak is Mazatzal Peak at 7,903 feet (2,409 m). They also include the Four Peaks, with elevation 7,659 ft (2,334 m) a prominent mountain and landmark of the eastern Phoenix area.

Happy Hiking & Exploring!